Predicting Brexit, the Next US President, and How Markets will be Affected, with YouGov


YouGov partners with the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and organizes a breakfast brieefing to share insights on the two most important political contests to affect the future of commerce. 

The Brexit referendum and the election of the next U.S. President are fast approaching. What are voters saying? What changes will we see in the market? Can we use polling data to predict certain trends? YouGov's Global CEO and Founder - Stephan Shakespeare, and Stanford Professor and YouGov's Chief Scientiest - Doug Rivers, will jointly discuss the data collected by YouGov, a global market research company.

Partnered with The Times in London and with The Economist and CBS in America, YouGov's polling supplies fresh insights going beyond who's winning. Though the horse-race itself is fascinating enough, YouGov will provide a deeper view of voters that also helps us to understand the changing market conditions that will shape our economic future.

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