AmCham Shanghai 2016 E-Commerce & Digital Conference


The AmCham Shanghai E-Commerce & Digital Conference will explore the opportunities and challenges in online sales and digital strategy on Wednesday, September 21, followed by a full day E-Commerce Training to be held on Thursday, September 22. YouGov's Managing Director for China and Korea, Min Yoo, will be one of the keynote speaker at the event. 

E-Commerce in China reached a total market value of more than 3 trillion USD this year, nearing 40% growth due to improving internet infrastructure, an increase in cell phone users online purchasing, and the ongoing digital revolution when it comes to how companies brand and sell.

Cross-Border E-Commerce alone in China is estimated to be worth $86 billion, with the overall e-commerce sector employing 3 million people, and 20 million more indirectly all across China.

At the full-day conference, guests will hear from leading U.S. and Chinese companies on topics including:

  • The Changing E-Commerce Landscape for Retail and O2O
  • Big Data and Brand Strategy
  • E-Commerce: How Social Media Marketing Drives Sales
  • Logistics & Transportation: The Delivery Revolution

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