Our online panel of 9.6 million respondents across the globe helps us to get our online or nationally representative results. But sometimes clients want to get right to a specific group of people.

Other research companies send surveys in mass to their member base and hope that they will get some of their target group to answer. At YouGov, we go straight to the target group.

Over the years, our systems have remembered what our panellists have said, how their circumstances have changed and what they like to do. We can therefore segment them to target, first time, the people our clients want to ask questions of.

Through our powerful database of the globe's habits, attitudes and behaviours, our research team will help clients to find the right bespoke base to cost-effectively target exactly who you need to speak to.


Targeted Samples

Our panel represents all demographics, enabling clients to reach almost any group of people imaginable, so it is possible to research groups other than those shown here. 

  • Main shopper - this sample of main shoppers of their household can be useful when asking about product awareness, spending habits, shopping behaviour and response to advertising amongst other things.
  • Sports fans - this sample focusses on a sample of sports followers (football, rugby, cricket, tennis and motorsport) is useful when asking about sponsorship effectiveness, advertising opportunities, services and branding.
  • Office workers - uses a sample of full and part time workers from various industry sectors to gage perceptions on HR strategies, attitudes towards benefits and policy effects and views on companies in general.
  • Cities - we can get a representative sample of respondents in the main cities across Asia Pacific and more.

And many more...



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